Best Insurance for Visitors to USA on Visitor and Tourist visa

Best travel medical insurance plans will provide coverage for your health care expenses like, doctor’s fee, hospital charges, pharmacy, lab tests, and other medical related expenses depending on the kind of plan you avail. These plans are most suitable for visiting parents, relatives, temporary workers and visa holders like B1, B2, H1, L1, H4, L2, F1, J1 and new immigrants to united states.

There are so many similar plans, how do I pick the best insurance policy ?
There is no single policy that universally fits for every travelers. Depending on your own unique requirements you should find a policy that meets your need and fits well into your budget and requirements.

Most international travel insurance policies have lots of common features, but may have significant price (premium) difference.

How to pick the Best Travel Insurance Policy-

  • Check the eligibility of the plan.
  • Understand How the plan works.
  • Compare premiums and benefits
  • Review complete coverage details and limits.
  • Make sure you understand what is covered and what is not check the list of exclusions.
  • Review the cancellation, renewal and refund terms of the policy.
  • Check rating of underwriter.

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Ready to pay high premium if your destination is USA.

Policies providing coverage for USA cost much more then those do not cover US, since the cost of health care and emergency services are very high in America.
Not all international travel insurance covers for USA.

Prefer buying policy from a US based insurance provider offering Travel insurance for USA.

Questions or Need help?

To find best visitor insurance policy for your visiting guest, or for your international visit Call 1-866-384-9104 to speak to a licensed travel insurance agent.
To read reviews about the best visitors insurance for USA, visit Visitors Insurance Reviews