How to Find Best Visitor Insurance Companies

Finding the best insurance for visitors is not an easy task. There are a variety of plans to choose from. Furthermore, prospective buyers do not know how to choose a plan and the factors to consider while buying the plan since the visitor insurance plan does not work like regular health insurance plan.

A major determining factor should be the company that offers the insurance plan. There are quite a lot of companies to choose from and it is often confusing to know which one is perfect for you. All the plans and the companies look the same. Below are a few tips that will guide insurance buyers on how to choose a travel insurance plan:

Know the names:
There are a lot of well-known companies that offer travel insurance like Seven Corners, IMG, Atlas etc. They sell the plans online through brokers or through various agents. They have various products and plans that cater to the needs of diverse set of consumers. Knowing the names and history of the various companies in the field always helps and gives you an idea of how these companies manage the risks and financial obligations.

Ratings of the underwriters:
Check the ratings of the underwriters of the policy. A.M. Best’s rating of the underwriters is a factor to consider while buying the policy. Best’s Financial Strength Ratings (FSR) reflects the insurance company’s financial ability to fulfill the obligations to its policy holders. The superior ratings start from A++, A+ (Superior) A, A- (Excellent), to B++, B+ (Good). However, you should not necessarily choose a company based on higher rating alone. For example, if one company has A++ rating and the other has A rating and if the company with A rating offers better features according to your needs go for the company with the better features.

Features provided:
Make sure that the company provides the right coverage and better plans. The features in the policy that you should look for are reliability, good provider network, coverage for pre-existing condition, renewability of the policy, and cancelation policy. If needed, look for additional features like trip cancelation, adventure sports coverage, emergency evacuation coverage etc.

Better service:
Do research on the quality of service provided by the companies. Check whether the companies provide services like 24×7 customer service and road assistance service. The time taken to file and process the claims, time required to answer your queries and doubts, and the general fair treatment of the customers are qualities that determine the status and reliability of the company.

Check for complaints against a company:
Since the travel insurance industry is regulated by the US government, there are insurance association that track complaints filed by various consumers. Research the complaint record of the company by contacting the insurance department of state. This will help you understand the company you are dealing with.

Finally, buy the travel insurance plan from a company that you can trust. Research the history of the company, read the reviews online, and ask for the reviews of the company from your friends who have had personal experiences with the company. All these factors will help you better understand the company you are dealing with.

Here are some the best rated visitor insurance companies:

Best Visitor Insurance Companies