Best Visitor Insurance: Top 5 Features to Look for Before Buying

There are various features that help determine the best visitor insurance policy. Prospective buyers often are unaware of the features to look for in the visitors insurance plan. Here is a list of five common things to look for before buying the plan:


1 Type of plan:
Depending on your needs you can decide whether you want to go for a limited coverage or comprehensive plan. You can read the fine prints of the policy thoroughly, and understand the benefits, exclusions, and clauses in the policy. This will definitely help you take a better decision about the kind of plan and coverage you need.

2 Cost of the plan:
A major factor that influences people’s decision in buying an insurance plan is the cost of the plan. People generally tend to buy the plan based purely on costs. The cost of the plan should not be the only determining factor while buying a plan. Along with the low cost you are being rewarded with high risk. After a medical incident if you exceed the policy maximum you might have to pay the rest of the cost of treatment out of your own pocket that may prove to be a financial burden. Be prepared for unexpected medical and financial emergency by investing in a good plan that lowers the risk factors.

3 Renewability:
Unexpected situations might occur that might force you to postpone your plans to return back home. You have to be prepared for such eventualities. Check whether the plan you intend to buy can be renewed or extended before it expires. Make sure that the same coverage continues after the renewal. One other important factor in favor of buying a renewable plan is that if you have a medical condition that started in the plan prior to expiry, its treatment will continue after the renewal. In contrast, under a new insurance plan, the same medical condition will be treated as a pre-existing condition. Invest in a plan that is renewable that is renewable as there is no extra cost to buy such a plan.

4 List of providers:
Travel insurance companies in the US have a list of providers. The providers are the doctors, hospitals, and clinics. The more popular the plan the bigger the network of providers. For convenience sake, you can check online from the list if the there are any providers close to your area of residence.

5 Other Coverage:
Few other insurance plans also provide other coverage like baggage loss and other emergencies associated with travel. Usually these kinds of coverage come at no extra costs. Check out whether your insurance company provides this additional coverage. Some plans also have optional coverage like adventure sports coverage that can cater specially to your type of trip and give you better protection against emergencies. Be aware of the history and reliability of the insurance provider and the popularity of the plan while opting for these features.