Best Visitor Insurance for Tourist to USA

Tourists to the US are often stumped in their quest to find the best visitors insurance plan. The reality is that one common “best” policy that suits everyone does not exist. The solution is completely dependent on each individual buyer’s needs and priorities. The dependent factors to buy the right visitor insurance are the following:

Your needs:
You have to buy plans uniquely suited to your needs. You can prioritize your needs based on factors like the risk you are willing to take, scope of coverage, purpose of the travel, and so on. You have to decide what is more important for you and buy the best plan for you accordingly.

Higher Policy Maximum:
Policy maximum is the maximum amount that the insurance company will pay for a covered service. Depending upon the policy bought by the insured, Policy Maximum can be per incident (maximum amount covered per injury or sickness) or per policy period (maximum amount covered till the policy is effective). The higher the policy maximum, the better the coverage. If the plan is to stay long, have frequent road trips, going on a cruise, or participate in an adventure sports activity, always consider buying a plan with higher policy maximum.

Deductible is the amount you have to satisfy before your insurance starts paying for a medical condition. If you opt for a policy with higher deductible, the premium will be less, which should be the case if you buy a comprehensive plan. If you go for limited plan, go for a lower deductible.

Type of Plan:
If your priority is not to take high risk, then comprehensive plans are better for you. They cost more, but provide better coverage, and the out-of-pocket expenses are comparatively much less if the medical bills are high. Most of the comprehensive plans also provide PPO coverage. Limited plans have low cost, but they provide coverage up to a fixed amount, and the rest of the medical expense is covered by you out of your own pocket.

General Health of the Insured:
The beneficiary’s state of health is also a good guiding factor in buying insurance. If the insured suffers from a pre-existing condition and generally has a frail health, it is better to go for a plan with good coverage and high policy maximum. If the health of the insured is good without any pre-existing medical condition, then he or she can go for any good plan with high policy maximum.

Purpose of the Trip:
The kind of insurance you buy depends a lot on the purpose of your trip. For parents, a good comprehensive plan with high policy maximum is a good idea. If you are going for adventure sports activity, then buy a plan that includes adventure sports coverage and emergency evacuation coverage. If you are going for a cruise, then buy a plan that provides medical and emergency evacuation coverage. Similarly, depending on the purpose of your trip, various other plans are available like student insurance, group or family insurance, immigrant insurance, and so on.

Age of the insured:
The age of the insured is a major factor affecting the type of insurance one buys. If the age of the insured is less than 65, various limited and comprehensive plans are available to choose from. But if the age of the insured is above 70, better to go for a comprehensive plan that has acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage.

Length of Stay and Season:
The type of insurance you buy also depends on the length of stay in the US. If you are going to stay for a long time in the US, then it is better to go for comprehensive plan. The season and time you visit the US is also important. If you visit in the winters, the chances of falling sick are high, and it is better to go for comprehensive insurance.

Finally, in order to find the most appropriate visitor insurance plan for USA talk to a qualified licensed insurance representative. The representative will understand your specific needs, compare the insurance plans, give the best quotes, and find the best US visitor insurance for you. The table below can help you decide the best plan for you.

Best Visitor Insurance for Visitors below 65 years


Best Visitor Insurance for Visitors above 70 years


Best Visitor Insurance for Travelers with Pre-existing Conditions


Best Visitor Insurance for Tourist above 80 years


Best Tourist Insurance: Limited Plans


Best Visitor Insurance for Travelers below 70 years with Pre-existing Conditions
Coverage up to $100,000
Coverage up to $150,000
Coverage up to $100,000