Visitors Insurance for People with Pre Existing Conditions

Usually travel insurance companies do not cover pre-existing conditions. They automatically waive the pre-existing condition coverage. But some of the companies do cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

Pre-existing condition
Pre-existing conditions are medical conditions or ailments that existed before the policy started. The medical conditions that were diagnosed prior to the effective dates and for which you took treatment and medicines during the look-back period are called pre-existing conditions. Doctor’s diagnosis and lab test results can determine whether you suffer from pre-existing conditions or not.

Look-back period and pre-existing condition
If no new medical problems emerge during the look-back period and if the person is considered medically stable then he or she will not be considered as a candidate suffering from pre-existing condition. The look-back period means that you have to be medically stable for a certain period of time without any issues and change in medication related to the pre-existing conditions. The look-back period varies anywhere between 60-180 days. Any condition for which you sought treatment and medications during this period is considered as pre-existing condition.

Acute Onset of Pre-existing condition
Acute onset of pre-existing condition is a sudden manifestation of the symptoms of pre-existing conditions without any prior warning from the physician or through medical tests. But the coverage of acute onset of pre-existing conditions also has a sub clause.

The coverage will only be provided if proper care has been taken by the patient to keep the pre-existing conditions under control. The patient has to manage his conditions and follow doctors advice for take medications on time, follow the required regimen, and take care that the pre-existing condition does not reoccur.

In spite of all the efforts if the patient experiences symptoms of the pre-existing condition or some other ailment that is caused by the pre-existing condition, then he will be covered under acute onset of pre-existing conditions.

For people suffering from pre-existing conditions, it is always a good idea to buy a policy that covers acute onset of pre-existing conditions. The coverage will be most beneficial if it covers the whole length of stay.

Let’s take the example of Mr. Smith. He suffers from a heart ailment and had a heart attack in the past. The doctor has advised him to manage his conditions by taking regular medications, exercising daily and not participate in any stressful activities that can worsen his condition. Let’s assume he has a sudden heart attack. He may not be covered under acute onset of pre-existing conditions if he finds himself in the following scenarios:

  • Scenario 1: He goes for adventurous sports activities like bungee jumping. If he is rushed to the hospital complaining of heart-related issues during or after the activity, he may not be covered under acute onset of pre-existing conditions coverage because he violated certain conditions and precautions associated with heart ailments.
  • Scenario 2: Mr. Smith misses his medication, or takes half of the recommended dosage, or does not take regular dosage, he may not covered under acute onset of pre-existing conditions because he failed to follow the recommendations prescribed by his physician.
  • Scenario 3: If Mr. Smith does not follow recommended exercise regimen, general health and diet guidelines.

In all the above scenarios, Mr. Smith failed to take proper care, follow guidelines, and take adequate precautions to manage his pre-existing condition.

If he had followed the recommended guidelines like follow proper diet and exercise routine, not indulge in any adventurous sports activity that causes over-excitement, and take the prescribed medications on time, and still suffers an emergency medical incident or episode, he will be covered under acute onset of pre-existing condition coverage.

Here are some plans that cover acute onset of pre-existing conditions:

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